Meet the Collective 

The Doula Collective was founded by Holly, Siobhán and Gráinne after celebrating an amazing few years supporting empowering births by us as a team. Our clients commented how reassuring it was to have the guaranteed support of The Collective rather than an individual doula. 

Clients appreciated the connection we had as a team and enjoyed our relaxed and easy going approach hence The Doula Collective was born!  


We are accredited doulas with BirthBliss Academy and recognised members of Doula UK, as well as key members of our local Maternity Voices Partnership. These are committees made up of users, user reps and health care professionals working to improve the maternity services for the families that use it. We have a wide range of experience including VBAC, breech, multiple birth, caesarean, birthing in water, hospital and home births, as well as support through loss. We have supported women and their families through a wide range of mental health issues, including postnatal depression, birth trauma, PTSD, psychosis and vulnerable women. We have also supported families expecting twins.  


We regularly attend additional training days and workshops to provide the best up to date service we possibly can. 

Holly Clark

I trained as a nurse before having my own family. My nursing background helped develop my knowledge and understanding of birth and postnatal care. I am comfortable and familiar with the hospital setting. Since having my three children my passion took a slight deviation and I realised that supporting women emotionally through childbirth and parenting was where I wanted to focus my passion. My three births were all very different, but I knew that being supported and listened to in birth was essential to a positive birth outcome, mental health and postnatal recovery. 


I love to teach infant massage classes, closing the bones massage, as well as rebozo techniques. I also volunteer with local charities supporting vulnerable women and their families.

Siobhán Smith 
siobhan doula-1.jpeg

Let's start with my name, Siobhán (Shiv-on), one of  those Irish names no one knows how to pronounce or spell. I am married with three children and the owner of two mad springer spaniels.

My interest in birth and the postnatal period led me to study the physiology behind it, which in turn brought me to the work of doulas. I trained in 2011 and I have worked full time as a birth and postnatal doula ever since, supporting hundreds of families through the antenatal process, labour, birth and the postnatal period. 


In addition to my doula work with clients, I run doula training courses and workshops for doulas and other birth workers. I mentor and coach newly trained doulas with both Doula UK & BirthBliss Academy. I am a trained breastfeeding peer supporter and have volunteered at both The Royal Free, Hampstead & Watford General hospitals. 

Gráinne Amos

Hi I am Gráinne (pronounced Grawnya). I am married and have two challenging teenage daughters. Bringing up strong independent girls is all very well, until they start telling you what to do! 


I come from a very large Irish family with twenty two aunties and uncles and lots and lots of cousins, who now also have their own families. Growing up, I have fond memories of our house always being full of family and there was always a baby around to cuddle. I think this also helped me develop a love of people. I found it fascinating having so many different characters and personalities around.


In 2012 I had the privilege of supporting my sister give birth to my wonderful nephew. This showed me the many benefits of women supporting women. It led me to research this further and brought me to becoming a doula. I have gained an immense amount of experience in that time and I now also coach and support newly trained doulas. I have trained as a Holistic Sleep Consultant  and regularly work with families supporting their needs.  


"Even my husband, who was sceptical about having someone else at the birth was on board once he had met them" Juliet & Richard - Highgate N6