Frequently Asked Questions 


There is lots of evidence to support doula care. Findings of Hodnett’s et al meta-analysis of 21 trials involving 15061 women concluded that women cared for during labour by a birth doula, compared to those receiving usual care were:

  • 39% decrease in the chance of a cesarean birth

  • 15% increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth

  • 10% decrease in the use of any pain medication

  • A shorter labours, on average by 41 minutes

  • 38% decrease in the baby’s risk of a low five minute Apgar score

  • 31% decrease in the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience

There is a also a Cochrane review to support this. 

Postnatally evidence shows doula’s can : 

  • easier transition into parenthood and improved bonding

  • improved interaction between a couple

  • higher breastfeeding success rates 

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Why should I consider the support of a doula?

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A doula is for everyone. We support anyone and everyone, including the most vulnerable. We work with local charities and voluntary organisations who recognise the value we bring with the support we provide.

Are doulas only for the rich and famous?

If you are having a baby shower or friends and family would like to contribute to you having a positive experience, we can arrange gift vouchers. You may like to read the benefits of investing in a doula. 

How much does a doula cost? 

You will have two primary doulas dividing the on call schedule between them with the third doula acting as back up if required. You will get to know and meet us all throughout your antenatal support.  


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How does a doula collective work? 

There will always be one doula with you throughout labour and birth with the reassurance you will always have a known backup if required. 

How many of you will support me at the birth? 

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With The doula Collective you have the reassurance of knowing us all really well. Even with the best will in the world sometimes life can throw a spanner in the works. Any alternative arrangements that may be needed throughout your support will be seamless and smooth. You also have the benefit of over 15 years of our shared experience and resources. We offer a wide range of styles and strengths and we are fun to be with!

Why work with The Doula Collective, rather than one doula? 
Why do I need a doula when I already have a partner with me? 
What is the difference between a doula and  a midwive? 

The birth partner role is key to your support, however as doulas we bring experience and knowledge to the team, which in turn gives your partner reassurance that they are also fully supported by us enabling them to relax and enjoy their role.  

A doula provides continuity of care and focuses on your emotional well being and practical needs. Unlike midwives, doulas do not provide any medical advice or assistance. They always happy to see us as we work well as a team. 

Can you attend hospital appointments with me? 

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Yes, we are happy to attend appointments as an additional service to the package already provided.

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Can you provide references? 
Can you provide references? 

We have “lovely words” from our clients and we can provide you with written testimonials. 

Yes we all have public liability insurance and a DBS check.

What is the difference between a postnatal doula and a nanny/maternity nurse?
Do you have a DBS check and insurance? 

A postnatal doula puts the mother/parent at the centre of the care, whereas a maternity

nurse / nanny focuses on the baby. We mother the mother. 


On a practical level, as a new parent, it can feel quite lonely and overwhelming in the first few weeks, while you’re getting to know your baby. A postnatal doula can assure you that what you’re feeling and what the baby is doing is normal, whilst also helping you around the house with light housework, laundry, cooking and shopping. Every doula offers different support so make sure you tell your doula at the initial meeting what it is that you would like most help with.


Knowing that you will have someone that will turn up during the week, perhaps just once or twice, to help you and give you some time to yourself can make a huge difference. Looking after a baby really is a full-time job and as they say, you need a village to raise a child.

A baby is like a wishing well. Everyone puts their hopes, their fears, their pasts, their two pennies worth in.

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I am not sure what help I will need postnatally. How will I know and how do I organise this in advance? 
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As soon as they would like the support to begin! The price is the same, so the earlier you book, the more support you get. 

When do people generally book doulas? 

Barnet - EN5

Central middlesex - NW10

Chelsea and Westminster - SW10

Edgware Birth Centre - HA8

Frimley - GU16

Hillingdon - UB8

Homerton - E9

Lindo Wing - W2

Lister - SG1

Luton and Dunstable - LU4

North Middlesex - N18

Northwick Park - HA1

Queen Charlotte - W12

Royal Free - NW3

St Mary’s - W2

Stoke Mandeville - HP21

The Portland - W1W


Watford General - WD18

West Middlesex - TW7

Whipps Cross - E11

Whittington - N19

Wexham Park - SL2

London, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex,


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What areas do you cover? 
What hospitals do you cover? 

"I would highly recommend Siobhan to anybody who is planning a VBAC. It was the best money we have ever spent!" Liz & John - St Albans - AL3