Every journey to parenthood  is unique and personal,

just like our support. 

“We believe everyone deserves the right to have a positive birth and parenting  experience. Our aim is to deliver a professional service in a personalised, supportive and caring manner. There is more than one way to birth and raise a child and we will help you navigate the journey, empowering you along the way.”

Meet the Collective

The Doula Collective was founded by Holly, Siobhán and Gráinne after celebrating an amazing few years supporting empowering births by us as a team. Our clients commented how reassuring it was to have the guaranteed support of The Collective rather than an individual doula. 

Clients appreciated the connection we had as a team and enjoyed our relaxed and easy going approach hence The Doula Collective was born!  


We have a wide range of experience including VBAC, breech, multiple birth, cesarean, birthing in water, hospital and home births, as well as support through loss. We have supported women and their families through a wide range of mental health issues, including postnatal depression, birth trauma, PTSD, psychosis and worked with vulnerable women. Between us we have over 15 years experience. 


At The Doula Collective we provide a wide range of support covering everything from pregnancy and birth, through to early parenthood. Our packages can be personalised to suit your every need.

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Antenatal & Parental Education 

All the information you need to prepare you for birth and your baby's arrival. 

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Birth Doula 

We offer three birth packages to meet your needs. 

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Once your baby has arrived we offer different levels of support to suit your needs.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why hire a doula? Do midwives like working with you? Doula near me ? These and more of your questions are answered. You can find out everything you need to know about doulas and how we work as a team. 

Lovely Words

It is an honour to work with and support families at such a vulnerable time in their lives. Our clients have thanked us by writing some kind words. They would like to spread the doula love and share some of their experiences with you! Look what they have to say......